Leading Literacy Impact

As a dedicated school principal or teacher, you balance ever-increasing demands in schools every day. You work tirelessly in implementing engaging, high quality literacy approaches, and often reflect on why some students are not making the expected progress or achievement. Frequently teachers feel overwhelmed with how to teach such a wide range of student strengths and needs, or know how or what support to put in place.

The missing link in many schools is knowing what is proven to make the biggest impact in literacy learning and how to embed this into a whole school, sustainable approach where teachers feel confident and supported in making a difference for every student.

Reflective principals and teachers often ask:

Fortunately, enhancing literacy instruction and intervention is not achieved by figuring how to make this happen in your school alone.... but rather by following a proven, step by step approach to prioritising what makes the greatest impact in literacy achievement for all students

Literacy Impact can support schools to:


The Leading Literacy Impact Masterclass is available for schools to begin at any time. 

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