Tell me: How do I teach high quality phonics?

8 December 2021

“I start my ATP next week and I have no idea how to teach phonics.” This was a conversation I […]

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Response to intervention: The key to ensuring social equity in literacy education

29 September 2022

Also known as RTI, response to intervention is a whole-school framework and Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) that is both preventative and responsive in nature.

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Tackling the misalignment between evidence-based research and literacy approaches in schools: opinion

29 June 2021

On the first day of the school year as a graduate teacher I encountered a slap in the face. My day started brimming with confidence but that all changed when one boy walked through the door.

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Repeated Reading: A high impact strategy for improving reading fluency

24 June 2021

Did you know that ‘Repeated Reading’​ has an effect size of 0.67 for improving reading fluency? Considering anything above 0.4 is considered significant, it certainly is worth considering in primary school literacy instruction.

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Seven simple tips to improve sentence writing in students

17 June 2021

For many students, writing is just plain tricky. And when you consider all of the different skills involved, it’s really no wonder. For starters, students need to know that sounds blended together create words, words carefully constructed build up to sentences.

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Feature in SCHOOL MATTERS magazine, May 2013

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Feature in Class Ideas K-3 on Developmental Coordination Disorder 2009

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